MAde: Reflection in Action – Final MA Show September 2009

What is the link...? I - large chain constructed out of discarded materials and brass

What is the link…? I – large chain constructed out of discarded materials and brass

I am very happy to have developed and produced a collection of jewellery that I feel has the potential to challenge the viewer due to its concept, scale and choice of materials. Using processes such as drilling, cutting, forming, hammering, layering and cold-joining I produced:

Bling-ring and Ring-pull rings 2009; discarded packaging and enamel paint

Bling-ring and Ring-pull rings 2009; discarded packaging and enamel paint

Bling-ring, a series of rings designed for the individual to co-ordinate or clash with their everyday attire. They are constructed out of discarded packaging (mild steel) and enamel paint and come in a variety of finishes, colours and sizes that range from 60mm to 92mm in diameter with components cold-joined together.

What is the link…? series of chains constructed out of discarded packaging (mild steel) and brass.

  • What is the link…? I & II are designed to encourage the wearer’s interaction by being hung around the neck, draped across the body, scooped up in the hands or simply left to trail. The overall length and form can be adjusted to create variation in design. Each link is 67mm in diameter and has been entirely cold-joined. What is the link…? I is a long chain of 2000mm in length with a total of 61 links.
  • What is the link…? III can be worn as a sash, necklace or belt and has an adjustable closing mechanism that accommodates wearers of different sizes. Links gradually increase in scale from 30mm in length to 155mm in diameter, each being cold-joined to the next.

Both series strip back the single function qualities of the recycled packaging while retaining original elements of pattern and form. The discarded materials are utilised for their practical, aesthetic and symbolic associations to act as visual reminders of material consumption leading to conversation, conservation and sustainable practices.

The collaborative display methods utilised by Angela Tambini, fellow MA Contemporary Jewellery student, and myself in the final MA MAde: Reflection in Action exhibition were very successful in building upon our New Designer experiences of display methods and challenging the audience’s perception of how they think jewellery should and can be displayed. The images taken during the photo shoot were continually rotated and gave context to the individual pieces which may have otherwise been misunderstood. The decision to visually mix up our work was to highlight our shared belief in re-using resources underpinning the concepts behind our individual jewellery practices. While our work differs in material usage, sourcing, process, and outcome, the essence of our art is the idea of redefining worth and value.

All work completed for the final MA hand-in can be viewed on my website.

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