Pop-up 2010

Polly Horwich was artist in residence in the Metalwork & Jewellery department at the same time Angela Tambini and I were studying an MA at UCA Farnham. After many conversations, visits to exhibitions together such as COLLECT and critiques of one another’s work we decided to set out on a venture in jewellery together by organising a series of Pop-up jewellery selling exhibitions.

The fun began in the beautiful Bath’s Milsom Place for the first in the series of exhibitions called Adventures In Jewellery where we joined forces with Tamsin Leighton-Boyce, a fellow jeweller who combines recycled materials with enamel.


ADVENTURES IN JEWELLERY is the latest exhibition from contemporary makers, Polly Horwich, Tamsin Leighton-Boyce, Tara J Murphy and Angela Tambini. The four artists exploit the medium and associations of jewellery to make thought provoking and individual wearable art.

Preserving memory, challenging sentiment and rediscovering beauty are amongst the themes explored through each individual artist’s work, whilst as a group, they aim to extend our perceptions of “precious “jewellery.

Using a variety of materials, from silver and steel to plastic, paper, recycled cans and old jewellery fragments, each maker’s distinct approach results in an intriguing collection of unique brooches, rings, earrings and neckpieces.


How to display our work?

We wanted to create an exhibition that would have a pop-up aesthetic, be visually interesting and would enhance our work. The props to be used would need to be practical, functional, temporary in essence and of course straight forward to set-up and take down to then move onto the next venue.

Polly came up with the great idea of using wallpaper decorating tables which are easy to transport and a good height for work to be viewed on. We then decided to follow on with the painting/decorating aesthetic by using rolls of wall paper lining to drape over the tables, allowing additional lengths to fall to the floor and curl, and to also hang on walls as a back drop for the display of work.

We painted rough edged frames onto the lining paper using matt black paint which I think was a very successful way of creating a quick display background:

We bought red paper bags, for the purchase of work, which we used to also decorate the exterior of the shop with the aim of drawing the passers-by attention into our pop-up exhibition.

Over the course of the week we had a steady foot fall of people come in who gave us a lot of really positive and complimentary feedback. A few sales were made but for me the most important thing about this experience was being able to collaborate with Angela, Polly and Tamsin on this pop-up adventure.

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